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Meet our Characters


Riya loves to plan and organize, and she knows how to get things done. She keeps a checklist on a small notepad when organizing any activity and loves when the team has accomplished a goal. “Check!” Riya is also a talented musician who plays the bansuri. Her friends love when she plays; her music has a soothing effect on the team when it needs it and definitely picks the team up in times of celebration.


Dalai is a master at getting the team where it needs to go. He is an ace at riding skateboards, roller skates, in-line skates, scooters, bikes, and zorbs. He also is an excellent negotiator. He understands that a good negotiation is when both sides come away with something that makes each of them happy. Dalai wears a very special bracelet that activates every adventure, and it always helps to bring the team home.


Zoya is a team leader and an artist who loves to inspire the team to take on challenges both big and small. She always keeps the team on track and never loses sight of their mission. She is the glue that holds the team together. She also loves to paint; with her paintbrush, she is able to bring her ideas visually to life for the team.


Jacob is Gokul’s resident foodie. He’s an excellent cook. He is always whipping up a new dish to share with the team. His specialty is preparing foods from around the world to eat at every holiday celebration. Jacob also has an awesome sense of humor and loves to tell jokes to keep the team laughing. He is never without his backpack that holds his endless cooking supplies. Jacob is incredibly curious and keeps the team thinking in new and different ways. He constantly asks, “I wonder what would happen if we…?”


Noelle is a computer whiz and an expert at telecommunications. She uses her smarts to help the team achieve its goals. She is a fountain of information about all kinds of subjects. She also is responsible for the care of iDEA, the drone she created and built. When Noelle doesn’t know something, she brings in iDEA to provide the additional information she and the team need. Noelle also has a beautiful singing voice and often sings when Riya plays her bansuri.


Christopher is Mr. Fix It. He is extremely resourceful and loves to tackle all things mechanical. He can reconfigure and repair just about anything. He has a vivid imagination, and nothing is out of the question or impossible—at least until he gives it a try. And Christopher’s tool belt is far from ordinary. It provides him with an endless supply of just the right tools for the task at hand. His ability to think big and think differently, and his talent for listening to the team’s ideas, always helps the team find solutions.


iDEA is a drone built and programmed by Noelle. iDEA provides facts, figures, and a world of information to the team as it prepares for every adventure. iDEA has a witty sense of humor, too!